Still Working on the New Home Page

It has been a busy few weeks:   Multiple outages at work A new roof on the house  My other personal projects kicking into high gear So that means I have not gotten a lot done on the new home page. I think I have settled on a layout and theme for it that is related to the current placeholder page I have up. The first thing I will put up is some project summary pages for my Arduino hardware and software projects.

A New Home Page is in the works!

 Well, Earthlink has stopped supporting the old Mindspring free web hosting so my old site is gone.  Soon you will be able to find me at my new domain . In the meantime, I have finished removing all the old, dead, defunct quiz results from my blog history.  There were quizes hosted on geocities , that's how old some of them were. Now I just have to get in the habit of posting something every once in a while.

Old Quizzes that have been taken down

I am sorry that some of the other tests on this blog have been taken down. Seems the publisher didn't expect them to do as well as they did and all the hits he was getting got him in trouble with his ISP. Oh well. Edit: added title and that brought this post up to the top.

Clean up the blog

 Back in the early days, I did a lot of on-line polls and personality tests.  I recorded the results here as blog entries.   Turns out that a lot of them were not 'well supported' and the resources they referenced have gone away.  So, I am cleaning out those posts from my history.  I hope this will tighten up my blog as I start to post to it regularly again. Wish me luck.

Chapter 1 – An Interesting Beginning

The first thing I notice is that it is dark, very dark. The next thing I notice is a beeping in the dark. It is incessant, not loud, just constantly sounding again and again. There may be four or five different sounds. I try to stir, but I am restrained across my chest. I feel like I am sitting. My knees and hips are bent like I am in a chair, but it does not feel quite right. Then it hits me, I am weightless. That can't be good. It is still dark, even after I open my eyes. My arms seem to be free so I swing my left arm up to my face, but it hits something hard, a helmet; and the visor is turned up to block all light. The control should be right here by the seam. How does that mnemonic go? “LUDD - Light Up, Dark Down” My fingers seem to know this instinctively as I dial the visor down a click or two. Still nothing. Another click down and the room starts to show. It looks like a single ship cockpit. That would fit with the weightlessness and the restraints. I

My First Arduino IDE Library Is Live

 I created and submitted an Arduino library called MyDelay. This library is designed to simplify using the builtin Arduino mills function without all the setup. The IDE team accepted the library and now you can find it in the Arduino IDE under Timing. The GitHub repository for the library is here . From the read me file... To start create a MyDelay variable. From here you are able to set a delay time, a delay time, a function to run and a repeat count or nothing at all. To check it if the delay time has past, call the update function which will check time and run the set function. Using the start function, you are able to restart the timer for delay. The stop function will terminate a timer before the repeat count has been reached. This allows you more control over when and how often a delay with trigger. The delay time can be change using setDelay using a time in milliseconds. Written by Marshall G Gates MIT license, check for more information Based on noDelay library by Ma

I have an Arduino Tutorial

Here is an Arduino Tutorial that I wrote for.   Electro Maker .  It walks you through setting up a door lock with a 16 key keypad.